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20 Years of Safe Refuge

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Over 40,000 people rely on our refuge chambers every day to keep them safe from potential hazards in the workplace.

This page is designed to spark conversation, using safety shares for refuge chambers in mining, tunnelling and petrochemical industries. Information shared will help educated and prepare others better through peer learning.

To facilitate these vital discussions, we have put together a short questionnaire requesting details from those who have encountered the feeling of being in a refuge chamber during an incident. By sharing your story, you will help others be emergency-ready, improve training, and drive awareness and public understanding of the vital role that refuge chambers play in heavy industry.


“The feel to be honest is really different you know, comparing the natural atmosphere to the refuge chamber. Though the refuge chamber can’t be under estimated when you find yourself in such situations… From my experience, I wish the use of the refuge chamber becomes a global requirement for all underground mines.”


“It’s the peace of mind which you take for granted. I’m definitely more at ease knowing we have the chamber in addition to our self-contained-self-rescuers if we need it.”

Safety Shares from Mining, Tunnelling and Petrochemical Industries.

“We heard it over the radio; a remote bogger had caught fire on the decline. It was a few levels up from where we were, so we knew we wouldn’t make it to the surface…

Having a background in Emergency Response, I felt quiet calm. I’d been trained for this. Some of the others guys were starting to worry; it’s understandable, you’re trapped hundreds of meters underground with what feels like an endless fire blocking your escape. I remember feeling that way.

But, I was able to keep them calm. All they needed was some reassurance of the ERP and how the refuge chamber works…”

– Dave

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